Amphibious excavators

Knoop Baggerwerken - Waterking

The Waterking amphibious excavator is well-suited for various kinds of activities on very poor load-bearing soils, such as wetlands, … [Read more...]

Booster station


A booster station can be deployed to achieve optimal production while pumping sod/root materials using the shredder pontoon. The use of a … [Read more...]

Wood shredder

knoop baggerwerken - houtshredder

The wood shredder is capable of shredding complete trees, including roots. The wood shredder shreds the released material into approx. 15 x … [Read more...]

Couple pontoons

knoop baggerwerken - koppelpontons

We rent 2 types of couple pontoons. The regular ‘army/unifloat’ pontoons and the new Waterking pontoons. The Waterking pontoons have been … [Read more...]

HDPE pressure pipeline

knoop baggerwerken - persleiding

We rent out three different types of HDPE pipeline. Pressure pipeline Length: 5 km Material: HDPE, equipped with flange … [Read more...]

Push/ tugboat

knoop baggerwerken - sleepboot

Hopper barges/couple pontoons can be transported using pusher/tugboats. The boats are rented with … [Read more...]