Nieuwkoopse plassen II

Client: Nature conservation authority
Location: Nieuwkoopse plassen II
Period: 2015-2017
Scope: Digging peat holes
Cutting reed
Contract form: Uniform Administrative Conditions for Integrated Contracts (UAV-gc)
Description: This project part of the LIFE-Project “New LIFE for Dutch fens” a collaboration between “Vereniging Natuurmonumenten” en “Staatsbosbeheer”. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of fens in the Netherlands by ao. digging old and overgrown peat holes and cutting reedland (removal of topsoil) nature is put back in succession, whereby species which are inextricably linked with the areas are retained and protected.
Equipment: Waterking WK 90 NG-AW, WK 220 NG, Shredder Dredger (Shredderpontoon), tracked excavator and various dredging equipment.