Shredder pontoon

The shredder pontoon is a type of soil compressor that is capable of pumping wood, cuttings, reed roots and soil to a disposal site. The released material is shredded in the shredder pontoon, mixed with water and then pumped in a single operation.


Min. width: 3.6 metres
Max. width: 6.25 metres (with side-pontoons)
Length: 13 metres
Draught: 1.2 metres
Weight: 45 tonnes
Capacity: 1,200 HP
Pumping distance: Max. 3.5 kilometres (without booster station)
  Max. 7.0 kilometres (with booster station)
 Pressure pipeline: 315 mm


  • The shredder pontoon can be transported by a tugboat.
  • Transport using 2 low loaders and 1 crane transport truck
  • The production of the shredder pontoon depends on the material to be pumped and the discharge distance. The average production is 100 – 200 m3 per hour.