Amphibious excavators

The Waterking amphibious excavator is well-suited for various kinds of activities on very poor load-bearing soils, such as wetlands, dredging deposits, ponds, deltas, etc. We rent out three Waterking models (WK 90, WK 220 and WK 300). The machines are inspected yearly and meet the strictest safety and environmental requirements. The amphibious excavators are only rented out with an operator. Our operators all have a basic safety certificate (Basic SCC).


WK 90 NG-AW WK 220 NG-5 WK 300 NG-5
Excavator class 9 ton 22 ton 30 ton
Total weight 15 ton 38 ton 45 ton
Excavation reach 10,00 metres 14,0 metres 17.5 metres
Bucket volume 400 litres 1,000-1,200 litres 1,000-1,200 litres
Pontoons – length 7,60 metres 10,00 metres 11,00 metres
Pontoons – height 1,45 metres 1,50 metres 1,92 metres
Pontoons – width 1,30 metres 2,00 metres 2,00 metres
Min. width 3,50 metres* 6,00 metres 6,30 metres
Max. width 4,50 metres* 6,00 metres 6,30 metres
Ground pressure 0,112 kg / cm2 0,127 kg / cm2 0,162 kg / cm2

 * Adjustable


Waterking amphibious excavators are capable for operations in shallow waters from a depth of 1,10 till 1,50 m (depending on model) and are completely floatable from 1,50 m depth. It is possible to rent the WK 90 NG-AW with additional pontoons incl. spud poles for deeper water and to get more floating capacity. The spud poles can be operated from the cabin. Standard the amphibous excavator is rented with a dredging bucket. Optional we can deliver the following accessories:

  •  Additional pontoons AP 90 NG-AW (incl. spud poles with a length of 4,0 m)
  • Sorting grab
  • Vibration block
  • Various dredging buckets (perforated) and rakes
  • Dredging pump
  • Mulcher